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Dead Island 2 extends its stay in Hell-A with new DLC (and more on the way)

The streets of Hell-A aren’t as easy to clean up as Dead Island 2’s survivors had though, thanks to the post-launch downloadable content roadmap.

Zompocalypse now! Again!

Released about a month and half ago, Dead Island 2 has reinvigorated the zombie-slaying series with tons more action, new survivors, and the fresh location of Los Angeles. Of course, “fresh” is probably not the right term, since LA has become Hell-A in the DI universe, and is overrun with glitterati-turned-zombies, but you get the idea.

If you’ve already scoured every area of the gigantic game, and sussed out every story point, we’ve got some good news for you. Publisher Deep Silver has revealed that, in addition to a new update that’s just dropped, there’s mucho downloadable content on the horizon.

As for the DLC, there are two on the docket as of now, and both will seek to expand the world of DI2 quite a bit. It’s going to be a while till either though, as Haus won’t arrive until quarter 4 of this year, and SOLA Festival won’t hit til spring of 2024.

Here’s what you can expect from both:

Giving a hint of what’s to come gameplay-wise, two expansions will feature brand new missions, weapons and skills, and areas to explore, with its first titled Haus. How does a billionaire prepare for the zompocalypse? With a techno-death cult and a healthy splash of debauchery and gore. Haus is slated for a Q4 2023 release. 

The second expansion will welcome players to the “SOLA” festival, where LA’s party people can greenwash their way to ecstasy and save the planet in true LA fashion, one rave at a time. SOLA Festivalwill launch in Q2 2024. Haus and SOLA Festival are included in Dead Island 2’s Expansion Pass and will also be available to purchase separately.

Deep Silver press release

There’s free stuff as well though

While the above are the major expansions, it sounds like Dead Island 2 is going to get a decent amount of free stuff patched in as well. Along with some “quality of life” stuff that “improves an already bloody brilliant game”, DI2 now has… cosplay.

Because if you’re gonna slay rotters, you might as well look sassy while you do it, Dead Island 2 has a cosplay feature that becomes available after the “Call the Cavalry” mission. After completing that, players can select “cosplay” either via the main menu, or in-game by way of any storage locker.

Like with the added content in general, the cosplay stuff if both free and paid, and includes:

  • Premium Character Packs: These include a unique skin for the slayer named in the pack and a weapon that can be used by any of the slayers, from the HELL-A Catwalk Collection. There is a total of six character packs, all available to purchase from digital stores today: 
    • Character Packs 1 (Silver Star Jacob) and Pack 2 (Cyber Slayer Amy) are included for owners of the Deluxe, Gold, and HELL-A Editions of Dead Island 2
    • Four further character packs – Gaelic Queen Dani (included for owners of the Expansion Pass), Jungle Fantasy Ryan, Steel Horse Carla, and Venice Vogue Bruno – are also available to further enhance your Slayer’s stylish look. 
  • “Til Dawn” Collection: Features a brand-new skin for each of the six slayers, free for all players. These will automatically appear in the cosplay section after the latest update has been downloaded and players have reached the unlock point for Cosplay.

But wait, there’s even more!

Notice that title for the free collection is “Til Dawn”? Think there’s another part of that? Well, if you do, you’d be on target, because there’s also a “From Dusk” pack, though getting it isn’t as simple as logging in and downloading.

From Dusk is exclusive to Prime Gaming Rewards, so you’ll have to be a member of that to get ’em. They’ll also be staggered, so you’ll get them on a sequential basis that starts with a skin and weaponry aimed at the character of Dani, which will be ready to download from July 15th through the 17th.

Then on top of all of that, there’s also a pair of community events happening soon, which look a little something like this:

  • From June 14 to July 10 viewers can redeem this drop by tuning into participating channels streaming Dead Island 2 on Twitch for as little as 20 minutes and claim the Maulibu Panga machete.
  • Sign up to our mailing list and bisect 1,000 limbs for your chance to win the Maulibu Nights(tick). 

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