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Unbox Hot Toys’ brand new “Bespin” Luke Skywalker

The latest from the Star Wars movie-masters at Hot Toys, there’s a brand new Luke Skywalker figure (in his Bespin fatigues) just about to ship.

From the swamp to the skies

Easily one of Luke Skywalker’s most iconic looks, are the training fatigues from The Empire Strikes Back. Of course, that’s the outfit that he wore on Dagobah, then carried over (with some alterations) to the cloud city of Bespin for his duel with Darth Vader.

And now Hot Toys is about to bring that look to collectors once again, thanks to the company’s latest updating of the character. As you’ll see in the video below, the new Deluxe Edition is especially packed.

Sensing that his friends are in danger, Luke Skywalker decides to leave his Jedi™ training with Master Yoda™ on Dagobah™ and journey to Bespin™ in the hopes of rescuing Han Solo™ and Princess Leia™  from the Empire.

Sideshow Toys press release

It might be tough to tell, but this figure does include the rolling-eyeball function that Hot Toys has adapted. With that, collectors can change the gaze of the character. Along with the interchangeable hair, it should lend itself nicely to a whole new suite of display options.

Luke also includes a ton of accessories, naturally, like his lightsaber, blaster, and more. One note there, at the risk of stating the obvious, is that the version in the video above is the Deluxe Edition. And yes, there’s a ‘standard’ version too, which is called the Collector’s Edition.

If you’re a big fan of Episode V though, you might want to go with the more expensive Deluxe however. As displayed in the video, it comes with twin bases (Dagobah and Bespin) and Luke’s head in the Darth Vader helm from the nightmare/vision sequence in the film. The Collector’s only includes the Bespin base, and does not include the severed helmeted head.

The Deluxe clocks in at $345 USD, while the Collector’s is priced at $285. Both are up for pre-order still, and are set to ship some time in the second half of this year (2023).

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