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Ancient evil gods threaten the Realms in Marvel’s latest reboot of Thor

Judgement is coming, and from a familiar name in the form of Immortal Hulk’s writer Al Ewing, as Marvel Comics reboots Thor this summer.

I say thee nay

Another first issue. Yeah, as loathe as most longtime comics fans might be to admit it, it’s just a part of the hobby now. Lengthy runs that reach into the hundreds (and sometimes thousands) just are not in the cards anymore. Well, at least they’r not in the cards till the overall ‘historical’ numbering reaches a nice round set of digits. Then all bets are off.

But for Marvel Comics’ thunder god Thor, that’s not just yet. And with the current run coming to a close, a fresh one is set to begin. Enter Immortal Thor, and if you think the title sounds familiar, there’s a reason.

Writer Al Ewing will be heading this one up, and he’s the same scribe that was behind Immortal Hulk. That latter book was tinged with horror, if you’ll recall, and it looks as though the same themes will be making their way to Thor’s new saga.

Cover art from Alex Ross

Following the acclaimed IMMORTAL HULK, fans won’t want to miss this new story of Immortal Thor! In Norse myths, they called him Thunderer. Vuer has he been called, and Hloriddi. The Gods know him as Asgard’s King, keeper of Mjolnir, hero of the tales. When injustice grips the Earth and ancient powers bring down the sky, he fights for those who cannot – and when the tale is done, we will know what that cost him. This is the story of THE IMMORTAL THOR.

When Polygon asked what he can share beyond the solicit, Ewing said, “Doors are indeed opening, buried secrets are waiting to be unearthed, and ancient gods – elder gods, if you will – are coming to bring trial and sorrow to Earth, Asgard and Thor personally, and he’s going to need to be his absolute highest self to face them. And even then, he might not make it through. The omens are sinister. The storm is at the gate.”

Marvel Comics press release

Thor vs the elder gods? Could be one to seriously watch, and that Alex Ross cover art is mighty tempting as well. Along with artist Martín Cóccolo on pencils, Immortal Thor #1 hits the stands this August the 23rd.

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