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Hot Toys’ first Jedi Survivor figure is the electrifying Scout Trooper Commander

Sporting a command pauldron and wielding an electrified riot baton, the Empire’s Scout Trooper Commanders are coming up from Hot Toys.

They’re not really gonna Survive

Just out today, the Star Wars: Jedi Survivor video game continues the tale of the padawan-turned-Jedi Cal Kestis. Very much set in the now-dubbed Dark Times, the EA-published series carries pretty much all the troop-types and themes from the classic Original Trilogy. And among those, you better believe is the Scout Trooper.

Originally seen in Return of the Jedi, the lightly armored Scout Trooper would go on to become a fan favorite. It’s easy to see why since the design is a really neat spin on the typical Stormtrooper. At the time it was one of the few variants on that standard too, so Scouts felt a bit more unique. Even though there are dozens of Trooper types at this point, Scouts still hold a special place in the fandom.

Collectible maker Hot Toys’ newest announcement isn’t just a standard Scout though, but a Commander. A familiar sight to Star Wars: Jedi players, the Commander wears standard Scout armor, but also is adorned with a rank pauldron and additional gear. Oh, and a riot baton that sparks electricity.

Here’s a peek at Hot Toys’ interpretation:

The Scout Trooper Commander 1/6 Scale Figure features a finely crafted helmet and armor with expertly applied distressed details, an orange pauldron denoting the rank of commander, plus a utility belt with pouches as well as a pistol holster. Accessories include an extendable baton with electricity effect and a blaster rifle. The figure comes with an assortment of hands and has over 30 points of articulation, allowing for a wide variety of dramatic poses.

Sideshow Toys press release

Hot Toys’ Scout Trooper Commander is still a ways off, and is set to ship some time in the second half of 2024. He’s very much up for pre-order though, via Sideshow Toys, and you can nab one for yourself here. The Scout Trooper Commander is priced in at $240 USD.

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