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Infernax goes 2 player for first anniversary, with Deux or Die

A classically styled side-scroller, Infernax’ can be a daunting quest. So it’s a good thing you’re now able to buddy up with a pal in Deux or Die.

Part Deux

Released in February of last year, Infernax hails from Berserk Studio and publisher The Arcade Crew. The base game sent a lone noble, returning from the Crusades, into a full-on battle with undead and demonic forces.

If you missed it, Infernax is decidedly a “retro” title that pays off of a somewhat “Metroidvania” design, and is very much crafted in the NES mould. That meaning that it’s tough.

But while it’s got that 8bit cache, its design is also fairly modern. It sports branching paths, multiple weapons to wield, and tons of blood and gore. Yeah Infernax doesn’t skimp on that.

The game has seen a few key updates since that initial release too, with an added character and more. Now it’s back with another pretty big addition; player 2.

The upcoming update allows Infernax’s gory quest to be tackled in simultaneous two-player action (or in a hot-swappable single player mode if you prefer to battle on your own), rebalancing the entire game for dual-hero fights. It also introduces a new character into the fray: Cervul the Squire, a well-rounded lad who sports deadly talents in both throwing axe and tool-assisted combat. Cervul the Squire’s abilities to perform various attacks and buffs grant advantages to either or both players, and he has a heart of gold – unless you decide to follow the evil mortality path that is, in which case players will unlock an entirely different side of his skills. Playing the evil path will bring about an emphasized focus on dealing damage with distinct tools and a more … explosive playstyle. 

The Arcade Crew press release

You might’ve noticed that the “gun mode” will get two-players as well. That’s meant to evoke the classic run and gun action of Contra, and is actually an unlockable by way of the classic Konami code.

There’s no release date as of yet for the new Deux or Die mode, but you can look for it some time this spring on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, the Switch, and the PC.

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