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Unbox one of the most impressive Asmus Toys figures yet, with Gandalf the White

Just about to ship out, Asmus Toys has maybe its most impressive figure to date in its Lord of the Rings series. Check out Gandalf the White.

The turn of the tide

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, it’s tough to name a cooler moment in the Peter Jackson film adaptations than the resurrection of Gandalf. Killed in The Fellowship of the Ring, the wizard returned to middle-Earth more powerful than ever, and at just the right time to help turn back the tide of evil unleashed by Sauron and Saruman.

Now that version of Gandalf, clad in his white robes, is coming to fans collections courtesy of Asmus Toys. The figure is no ordinary release either, and will be accompanied by Shadowfax, his steed.

Overall, it’s an impressive box set.

Asmus Toys magics up a treat for The Lord of the Rings fans as the iconic wizard returns in 1/6 scale form. The highly detailed Gandalf the White 1/6 Scale Figure also comes with Shadowfax, a polystone 1/6 scale horse with rooted hair. Featuring a detailed portrait with movie likeness, the Gandalf the White 1/6 Scale Figure also has a realistic beard and hair made from wool, which has been expertly applied by hand. His tailored fabric outfit includes a patterned vest, a flowing long-sleeved robe, sword belt, pants, and boots. He comes equipped with his iconic sword, Glamdring, and a White Wizard’s staff. He also comes with an assortment of hands for a variety of poses, and a grass-covered display base.

Sideshow Toys press release

Gandalf is set to ship out from Sideshow Toys some time between now and April, and is priced in at $380 USD. Pre-orders are still up, and you can grab one here.

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