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Scandinavian folk tale-powered roguelike Ravenbound is a part of Next Fest

Itching to try Systemic Reaction’s great-looking trip though the frozen (and not-frozen) north? Your time is now, as Revenbound is a part of Next Fest.

Winter has come at last

I have to admit, I’m not a fan of roguelikes, but Ravenbound looks terrific. Today’s video gives would-be players a peek at the upcoming game’s world as well as its monsters, but also its magically-powered melee combat.

Ravenbound is an action-packed roguelite set in Ávalt, a beautiful fantasy world filled with dangerous creatures inspired by Scandinavian folk tales. You are the Vessel, and within you is the Raven – a powerful weapon forged by the ancient gods to rid the land of darkness. Use skill and wit to defeat ferocious enemies, become stronger and wiser with each run, and save Ávalt from the monsters that threaten its existence.

Systemic Reaction press release

If you didn’t catch it too, the title casts players as a “Vessel”. And each one of those had but one life to give to save the world of Ávalt. So if you die, you have to start as someone totally new, though with the gained-abilities of the deceased.

All in all it’s looking like an actioner to keep an eye on. Well, that and actually play, since Ravenbound is a part of Steam’s Next Fest. That’s an event that equates to the title getting a limited time demo on the platform.

And if you’d like to play that, go get it. It’s up right now, and should give you about an hour of game time.

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