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Mecha for the Masses: Apocalypse Frame

Gamers wishing for more mech combat in the vein of Armored Core, Battletech, or Xenoblade Chronicles should check out Apocalypse Frame, a tabletop inspired mech simulator from Binary Stars games. Based on Gila RPG’s LUMEN RPG system, intended for “action packed, power fantasy games,” Apocalypse Frame is a largely complete game, with future updates promising to improve the game’s presentation.

In a ruined and terraformed world where most of humanity is under the yoke of a brutal regime, the former workers of a once-remote factory – now known as The Collective – have risen up to create a future of freedom from oppression. You are an Ace – a highly skilled pilot referred from a Division in The Collective and assigned a humanoid combat vehicle known as a Frame. You and your Strike Team of fellow Aces must take on The Collective’s greatest threats, ensure its survival, and carve a path for its continued success.

Apocalypse Frame official website

Players intimidating by complex RPG rules involving multiple dice, long and convoluted lists of stats and powers, and combat as an unrewarding length slog can relax: LUMEN is intended for speed and power, not a stealth algebra class.

Quick dice rolling
No skill lists. It’s about how you approach a task, not what you’re doing
Combat is fast, and characters feel powerful
Gameplay loop that keeps the players wanting to get back out there

LUMEN by Gila RPGS itch.io page

Apocalypse Frame is available on Steam and itch.io

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