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Retro-shooter Turbo Overkill goes “Endless” for new mode

Looking for an excuse to dig back into Apogee’s classically-styled FPS Turbo Overkill? How’s an endless onslaught of creeps to slay sound?

The horde has arrived

For those who missed it, Turbo Overkill is a fast-paced retro(ish) gem. The first-person shooter revels in classic genre gameplay, but boosts it with a more modern look. We reviewed the first chapter of this Early Access title a while ago, though it’s been significantly updated since then.

Apogee and developer Trigger Happy Entertainment have added in vehicles and a whole second chapter to the cyberpunk actioner. But of course, with a ways yet to go in Early Access, there’s plenty more to come. And one of those add-ons is here now with the Endless Mode.

That’s exactly what you think it is, presenting players with a horde mode to blast their way though.

Crank-start some carnage and prepare to fight unending waves of relentless cybernetic scum. Satisfy the thirst for slaughter with just the right amount of blood, guts, and mayhem. Multiple difficulty levels and various enemy spawn options will challenge even the most veteran gun-slingers.

Apogee press release

The Endless Mode starts out with a simple load out for main character Johnny. You get to play around with the magnum pistols, shotgun, and of course his trademark cybernetic leg (which has a chainsaw in it). From there, the game will throw wave after wave of enemies at players.

Don’t worry though, you’re not limited to ‘starting’ hardware, as Johnny will be picking up coins as he progresses. And as you’ve likely guessed, those can be cashed in for new toys.

You’ll have the chance to buy said weaponry every there rounds, in a timeout period. There you’ll be able to “lick wounds, restock on ammo, and spend hard-earned cash on rocket launchers and ion cannons”.

Ready to rock? The Endless Mode is out right now, as a free addition to Turbo Overkill. You can grab a copy via Steam for the PC.

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