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You’re not going to need roads with Hot Toys’ new DeLorean (yes, it’s finally on the way)

This one’s been a long time coming, so we hope you’ve paid off your pre-orders. Yep, Hot Toys’ awesome looking 12th scale DeLorean is coming soon.


At least, I imagine this thing must be pretty heavy. After all, we’re talking about a on-twelfth scale DMC DeLorean here. And from the looks of it, this beast is loaded with detail, straight from the all-time classic Back to the Future films.

It’s a car that’s been a long time coming too, first seeing announcement a few years back. The fateful day is finally just about here though, as retailing partner Sideshow has revealed that the shipping window is officially open. The DeLorean is expected to ship some time between now and April.

Here’s a look:

The highly detailed DeLorean Time Machine 1/6 Scale Figure Accessory is approximately 28 inches long and has functional gull-wing doors. LED light-up features can be found on the headlights, rear signal lights, wheel rims, undercarriage, and on the reactor cooling vents. Interior cabin controls also have LED light-up features on the dashboard, Time Circuits Display, overhead panels, flux capacitor, and system display. Realistic cables run across the body and over the engine cover, including the Mr. Fusion energy reactor, nuclear reactor, and reactor cooling vents.

Sideshow Toys press release

If you didn’t watch the above, this is the famous car as it was depicted in BttFII, so yes you can set it up for either on-road or hover modes. It’s even got a little Mr. Fusion that flips open. All the trimmings. And it should goo without saying since this is Hot Toys we’re talking about, but it can fit the company’s Doc and Marty figures too.

Looking to pre-order? Yep, they’re still available, and you can grab one here. The DeLorean is priced in at $825 USD.

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