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Death cascades in a medieval court in Dark Horse’s Macbeth: A Tale of Horror

A very different interpretation of one of the Bard’s most famed stories is arriving in trade paperback form with Macbeth: A Tale of Horror.

Most foul

Even if you’re not a fan of William Shakespeare’s work, most of the iconic medieval writer’s stories are pretty well known. That includes Macbeth, a story about betrayal and ambition in a Scottish court.

Retellings of the tale are plentiful, and it’s seen countless adaptations across the centuries. But what Dark Horse has on tap is not so much that, instead bringing a whole new level of terror to audiences.

From writer Stefano Ascari and artist Simone D’Armini, Macbeth: A Tale of Terror turns the story into what sounds like a supernaturally-tinged bloodbath.

Deep within the walls of Castle Dunsinane, a seed of madness begins to bloom. Spurred on by the prophecies of witches and the whispers of his scheming wife, Lord Macbeth plots the death of his friend, King Duncan. This one cruel act soon spirals out of control, and murder after murder erupt into a wave of chaos and violence that threatens to consume all of Scotland.

On Macbeth, Stefano Ascari said, “When I saw Simone’s spectacular characterization of Macha, Badbh, and Morrigna, the three sisters of the night, I thought I would like to write Macbeth’s story from their point of view: eternal, all-powerful creatures who delight in playing with the fate of men like ravenous cats with unsuspecting mice.”

Dark Horse Comics press release

Look for Macbeth: A Tale of Terror to arrive in stores well timed for Halloween, landing on October 4th in bookstores and the 5th in comic shops.

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