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Here’s an in-depth look at Hot Toys’ Hunter, from the Bad Batch

Hot Toys is about to deliver its take on Hunter, the leader of Star Wars’ The Bad Batch. So of course Sideshow Toys has an unboxing to check out.

He looks familiar

Picking up from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch follows the exploits of a group of misfit Clone Troopers. Each with special genetic traits, “Clone Force 99” goes from the Republic special forces to being fugitives from the newfound Empire.

That’s all under the leadership of Hunter, a Clone with a knack for tracking, stocked with enhanced senses. And now the head of the Batch is getting a 12″ figure from Hot Toys.

Crafted in the movie, live-action style, Hunter is a slight departure from his usual, animated self. Though I do mean slight, as aside from the more realistic face and armor, all of the detailing looks spot on to the show.

Based on the Star Wars: The Bad Batch™ series, the Hunter 1/6 Scale Figure by Hot Toys features a new hand-painted, screen-accurate headsculpt with detailed skin texture, tattoos, and bandana. A newly developed helmet with Hunter’s signature markings is also included. This highly poseable figure is dressed in expertly crafted, weathered armor with red markings plus a special signet. Hunter comes armed with a blaster rifle, a blaster pistol, two thermal detonators, and his trusty vibro-knife™, and is equipped with a military backpack which can be attached magnetically.

Sideshow Toys press release

Priced in at $250 USD, Hunter is set for release some time between now and February, 2023. Of course, since he hasn’t shipped just yet, fans can still get a pre-order in with Sideshow Toys. Click here for that.

Also worth noting, is that the rest of the Bad Batch is coming along as well from Hot Toys. So if you’re looking to complete the squad, you definitely can. Click here to check the all out, along with a whole bunch more Star Wars figures.

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