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Colonize strange new worlds and battle monsters in Cygnus Enterprises

A sci-fi, action RPG that’s also a city-builder? That’s pretty much what you can expect from Cygnus Enterprises, coming to Early Access next month.

Building a better tomorrow

As aRPG’s go, Cygnus Enterprises is a pretty interesting new take. Yes, you have combat, and it looks like there’ll be monsters aplenty. But beyond that, you also have resource accrual and management, base building, and eventual city construction, complete with citizens.

From NetEase Games and Team Miaozi, a Shanghai-based studio, the title is being billed as an “action RPG/city management hybrid”. It’s also carrying a “positive” message about the future, starring a Star Trek-like “united” mankind. You don’t see a heck of a lot of that anymore… even from Star Trek.

It looks like it might be the ticket if you’re on the hunt for something new and different.

Cygnus Enterprises takes place in positive future, where mankind has put aside its differences to peacefully expand to new worlds. This expansion was once limited by technology, but the titular Cygnus Enterprises has created a faster-than-light drive, allowing humanity to travel across the universe and discover new worlds. Not all of these worlds are welcoming to humans, as there are powerful alien monsters that roam the wilderness and present a threat to settlers. Cygnus Enterprises put players as hired troubleshooters in a wild space frontier, where they must restore derelict outposts and turn them into bustling new settlements that will attract people from around the universe.

NetEase games press release

Cygnus Enterprises is inbound for Steam some time in 2023, but before it gets to a full-retail launch, there’ll be an Early Access edition. Prospective players can look for that sooner than later, with a launch scheduled for December 16th, 2022.

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