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Battlin’ seafood? Not quite, as classic fighter The Rumble Fish 2 is up for digital pre-order

One of the… odder titles for a fighting game has to be The Rumble Fish. Now the classic battler is coming home, with a port landing next month.

Unda da sea

Okay, so the thing is that there’s nothing ‘oceanic’ about The Rumble Fish 2. Like, nothing. The game has a post-disaster story to it, that’s actually pretty cool, but again… no water. I think.

I’m actually not all that familiar with the world that developer Dimps created. The basic gist though, is that there was a natural disaster (maybe it was a flood?) that rocked the east coast of an unnamed nation. In the wake of that, mega-corporations poured money into a rebuilding effort, creating a city of the future. But in the shadow of that majesty, there was a slum, one where people battled for fame and glory.

Yes, that’s really the story to The Rumble Fish 2. And apparently the game has a pretty big fanbase, who remember the original arcade release from back in 2005. If you’re one of them, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s finally coming home, and in short order as it arrives next month.

“The team at Dimps is made up of developers who were originally behind the creation of Street Fighter and the Fatal Fury series, and also developed iconic fighting games such as Street Fighter IV and several iterations of the Dragon Ball franchise. So we are very excited to be introducing The Rumble Fish 2 to fighting game fans across the world on PC and consoles this December.”

Nicolas Di Costanzo, President at 3goo

Two different versions of The Rumble Fish 2 are scheduled to arrive next month, with a basic and Collector’s Edition (for the Switch and PS4). It looks like the big difference is that the CE will include a set of three DLC fighters, which will also be available separately.

Those include:

  • Greed – A survivor of the illegal fighting organization “Valor”, he joined the tournament “F.F.S.” again in order to fight against a mysterious strong fighter.
  • Hazama – A new president of the PROBE-NEXUS, supposedly to support the new chairman, Beatrice, but behind the scenes, he is working in the dark to extend his own power…
  • Beatrice – A granddaughter of Mr. Brad. And after his retirement, she succeeded him as Chairman of PROBE-NEXUS. Despite her beauty, she has an extremely cold personality.

The Rumble Fish 2 is set to arrive for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC. Look for it on December 8th.

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