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Here’s an in-depth look at Hot Toys’ reissue of War Machine from Iron Man 2

Rhodey’s armored-up form from Iron Man’s second feature film is getting a reissue. Set to hit any week now, Sideshow and Hot Toys have a detailed look.

This time baby

War Machine was, of course, teased right from the first mainline MCU film. And even though Marvel changed the actor playing James Rhodes, he certainly got his time to shine in Iron Man 2. Using backwards-engineered Stark technology, Rhodey piloted the US Air Force’s War Machine armor in that film.

Iron Man 2 might not be all that well looked upon by fans, but War Machine was inarguably a high-point with some very cool moments. And now that we’re on the verge of War Machine starring in a flick all his own (Armor Wars), those who skipped his Movie Masterpiece the first time will get another chance.

Originally launched a while back, War Machine is indeed coming back around a second time, and is set to ship out some time in the weeks to come.

War Machine, AKA Iron Man’s best friend James “Rhodey” Rhodes is honored in a new 1/6 scale figure. The War Machine 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure is based on the character’s appearance in Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 2 and, as part of Hot Toys’ Movie Masterpiece series, it features impressive diecast armor and LED light-up features.

The hand-painted portrait captures the look of Don Cheadle as Rhodey, which can also be swapped out for a helmeted head. The highly detailed suit includes additional battle-damaged sections, an articulated back-mounted machine gun with an interchangeable battle ravaged barrel, as well as hidden weapon compartments on the shoulders. A specially designed figure stand creates an impressive diorama display, drawing inspiration from the final showdown with Whiplash!

Sideshow Toys press release

Speaking of Whiplash, he’s available as well as a part of this set of reissues. And for that matter, so is Tony Stark himself, with his silver and red armor from that first encounter with the aforementioned villain.

But getting back to Rhodey, he’s still set for shipping this month (October 2022), and still has pre-orders open if you’d like to secure yours. War Machine is priced in at $375 USD.

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