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NYCC 22: Image and Midtown Comics team for signings, panels

Heading to NYCC today? Well you might want to swing by the Midtown Comics booth, as the shop is teaming with Image for a fill slate of signings.

Bring your faves

From the sound of things, Image Comics either isn’t going to have a booth at this week’s NYCC, or it’s going to be a relatively small footprint. We haven’t seen any news to the contrary, though even if that’s the case, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find Image’s presence.

That’s due to a special deal between the publisher and Midtown Comics, an NYC comic shop mainstay. And as a result, you’ll be able to find a good deal of Image talent at the Midtown booth (#3137), ready for signings.

Here’s the schedule:


  • 5 PM – Marjorie Liu (Monstress)


  • 3 PM – Charles Soule & Ryan Browne (Eight Billion Genies
  • 5 PM – W. Maxwell PrinceMartín Morazzo & Chris O’Halloran (Ice Cream Man, Art Brut)


  • 12 PM – Christian Ward (Blood Stained Teeth)
  • 1:30 PM – Cliff Chiang (Paper Girls

Along with the above, the Midtown booth will also have a double dose of Image exclusives, including Ice Cream Man Sundae Edition hardcover Vol. 1 Cover C, and Blackwing Paper Girls pencil sets.

There’s a panel on tap as well, and it’s a big one with none other than Todd Mcfarlane. The Spawn creator will be discussing the upcoming Spawn/Batman crossover, as well as Spawn movie news and lots more.

Spotlight on Todd McFarlane! Breaking Spawn Movie News, Upcoming Batman/Spawn Comic and more
4:30 – 5:30 PM 
Location 406.2

Megastar artist, McFarlane Toys CEO, and Image Comics President Todd McFarlane (Spawn, Venom) talks about comics and Spawn movie news being released the week of NYCC!

Also, Greg Capullo and Jim Lee join McFarlane to discuss the upcoming Spawn/Batman comic and reveal never-before-seen art from the book.

Don’t forget Artist’s Alley

What’s that? You’re heading to Artist’s Alley and want to see some more Image talent there too?! Well, you can.

Here’s who’s on tap, and where they’ll be appearing:

  • Andolfo, Mirka – H-35
  • Azzarello, Brian – J-21
  • Browne, Ryan – J-31
  • Camuncoli, Giuseppe – C-32
  • Capullo, Greg – H-48
  • Cates, Donny – J-37
  • Coipel, Olivier – L-02
  • Craig, Wes – D-35
  • Daniel, Tony S. – H-44
  • Del Col, Anthony – F-13
  • Dodson, Terry – K-11
  • Duggan, Gerry – I-44
  • Fernandez, Leandro – C-14
  • Fox, Nathan – D-42
  • Garbett, Lee – L-04
  • Hans, Stephanie – C-31
  • Haun, Jeremy – L-19
  • Hawkins, Matt – K-10
  • Hickman, Jonathan – I-48 
  • Higgins, Kyle – H-39
  • Holt, Jeremy – H-27
  • Huddleston, Mike – I-47
  • Hutchinson-Cates, Megan – J-33
  • Kaplan, Zack – D-40
  • King, Tom – I-30
  • Kubert, Emma – J-19
  • Leheup, Jody – D-41
  • Lotay, Tula – D-31
  • MacLean, Andrew – D-22
  • Mahfood, Jim – C-06
  • McClaren, Meredith – G-12
  • Messina, David – E-33
  • Opeña, Jerome – L-03
  • Orlando, Steve – H-32
  • Ottley, Ryan – J-36 
  • Panosian, Dan – D-17
  • Parrott, Ryan – H-40
  • Reis, Rod – E-11
  • Risso, Eduardo – K-01
  • Scalera, Matteo – D-14
  • Schultz, Erica – H-14
  • Shalvey, Declan – E-29
  • Silvestri, Marc – I-43
  • Simmonds, Martin – C-23 
  • Sliney, Will – K-29
  • Staggs, Cat – I-02
  • Stegman, Ryan – J-38
  • Soule, Charles – J-30
  • Tynion IV, James – C-21
  • V, Ram – C-30
  • Williamson, Joshua – I-33
  • Yarsky, Caitlin – D-33
  • Zub, Jim – J-28

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