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Company of Heroes 3 gets a delay of deployment, heading for February 2023

Fans looking forward to Sega and Relic’s upcoming third Company of Heroes game will have to hang on just a bit longer. It’s been pushed out of 2022.

So close

A long-time coming, Company of Heroes 3 is looking like a terrific updating of a strategy classic. From Relic Entertainment, CoH3 brings the series’ strategic WWII action into new war zones, and goes big on destruction.

It was on track too, for a release next month, on November 17th. That though, was not to be, as Sega has revealed a new release date, bringing the game’s launch into 2023.

According to the publisher, Relic needs a little more time with the game.

Company of Heroes 3 was due to launch on November 17th, but Relic Entertainment, Inc required some additional time to work on overall improvement, balancing, and fine-tuning of CoH3 to ensure they’ll meet player expectations and deliver the deepest tactical experience in the series yet.

Sega press release

Along with the delay, Sega says that the game will have a number of alterations, coming off of the play test that took place in July. Those include a higher level of realism in the game’s visuals, alterations in voice-over recordings, upgraded AI and more.

Updates include:

  • Relic has made distinct improvements to its brand-new Dynamic Campaign Map, such as updating its new supply system, implementing a more aggressive AI, and seeing faster travel across the map through seaport and airport enhancements.
  • The studio has added a stronger focus on visual grit and details during battles, by improving shader technology and finetuning. Additionally, Relic has made significant changes to the overall lighting of CoH3. 
  • Relic has enhanced moment-to-moment gameplay by making changes to the camera positioning and providing clearer mini map information. Improvements are also being made to the HUD layout and the overall theming of the UI. 
  • Seeing players experiment with the Multiplayer Pre-Alpha in November 2021 really helped the developers make significant improvements on Battlegroups, their upgrade trees, units, and call-in abilities. 
  • Relic has reviewed and improved parts of the voice-over lines to ensure they are authentic to specific characters and their native accents featured in the game.

With all of the above, and presumably more, in place, Company of Heroes 3 is now set for launch on February 23rd, 2023.

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