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Actioner Clash: Artifacts of Chaos about to get new Next Fest demo

Featuring an animated/comic-book visual style, NACON and ACE Team’s Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is about to join Steam’s Next Fest.

Bare knuckle

A brawler that’s probably unlike almost any other that you’ve played, Clash: Artifacts of Chaos has a fresh look, and a upcoming demo. That’ll be courtesy of Steam’s Next Fest, a platform-specific look at what’s on the way for PC gamers.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is a unique action-adventure game in terms of its gameplay and art direction. Visually, there is the signature ACE Team style (Rock of Ages, The Eternal Cylinder), whose original designs range from the unusual to the flamboyant. 

NACON press release

“Unique” is a great word for Clash, at least from the looks of it. While there’s a distinct visual flair to it, that’s just the half of what makes this battler interesting. That’s because Clash’s alien world has some rules all its own.

Yes, fighting is fighting, but what about when it… isn’t? The society in Clash has its own twist on rules of engagement, called The Ritual. A tradition that “defines the rules of the fight”, The Ritual is effectively a dice game that determines things like “whether you can use a weapon or whether you must take the first hit without reacting”, it sounds like it can set you on the path to a win or loss before the first punch is thrown.

Again too, if all of this sounds interesting to you, you’re in luck. That’s because Clash: Artifacts of Chaos is coming to Next Fest this week. The game will have a demo up on Steam, giving PC players a chance to get a taste of the action early.

That’s well in advance of the full retail edition, which is coming to PC, as well as Xbox and PlayStation platforms, this coming February.

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