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Humans and AI combine in Bandai Namco’s new mecha-combat game Synduality

There’s a lot going on with Synduality, Bandai Namco’s new action title. With an anime influence, the game fuses man and AI in a dark future.

Ghosts in the shell

Well this one came out of left field, and from the looks of it, Synduality is coming along nicely. I guess that should come as no shock, since the previously unannounced title is a part of a much bigger multimedia IP, presumably of the same name.

Synduality will be published by Bandai Namco and developed at Game Studio, and will be set in a dark sci-fi future. The story opens after the events of something called “The Tears of the New Moon”, a kind of poison rain.

The deluge wipes out most of humanity and gives rise to freakish creatures that roam the wilds of Earth. To escape the surface world, humans live underground in a massive settlement called Amasia, whether they develop advanced AI dubbed Magus.

Have a look:

SYNDUALITY is a project we can’t wait for players to put their hands on,” said Yosuke Futami, Producer at Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. “We have been working with famous designers such as Neco for character design and Ippei Gyoubu for mechanical design, as well as the team at Game Studio, to develop a fun shooter with strong core gameplay and a unique focus on the relationship between AI and human, where the bond that develops between players and their Magus impacts game play and story.

Bandai Namco press release

Players take on the role of a drifter in Synduality, who more or less works the surface for a form of valuable crystal. As you can see in the trailer, your drifter has both a high-tech mecha (creepily called a Cradle Coffin) to ride, work, and battle with, as well as an AI partner.

That Magus will be a big part of the game too, and will guide players on “their journey, help them in fights, and provide direction, hints, and warning”. It’s unclear how she’ll work in the multiplayer mode, as that’ll also be included, and allow players to work with or against others in their own games.

There’s no release date as of yet for Synduality, but you can expect to see it arrive for the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

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