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Video: the final episode of Sonic Speed Strats focuses on… speed

Gotta go fast? You bet you do, especially if you’re a speedrunner. And that’s what the last episode of Sonic Origins’ Speed Strats series is all about.

In a Blur

Ready to run? Then join speedrunner Argick as he highlights the finer points of blasting through Sonic Origins’ various games and levels. The video above includes:

  • All Titles – To master speedrunning in Sonic Origins, players can perform precisely-timed loop jumps, create the perfect Spin Dash and ace Badnik Bouncing.
  • Sonic 1 – Find the secret platforms in Labyrinth Zone Act 1 and Spring Yard Zone: Act 1 to skip good portions of both stages.
  • Sonic CD – Players can use the super-peel out feature to their advantage in Metallic Madness: Act 2 and determine the best way to take on the Egg Bubble boss fight as Tails in Tidal Tempest: Act 3.
  • Sonic 2 – Release Spin Dash in the final battle on the Death Egg to get in some easy hits and use the oil in Oil Ocean Zone to run under the level to save time.
  • Sonic 3 & Knuckles – Sonic fans can use the Insta Shield to find secret paths and take out bosses quickly, or utilize the Spin Dash feature in Hydro City Zone Act 2 to skip a large portion of the Zone.

Sega press release

Sonic Origins is out now for Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as the Switch and PC.

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