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SDCC 22: Konami hitting the big Con with plenty of Cowabunga Collection fun

With one TMNT title in the rearview mirror here in 2022, fans of the green teens now shift focus to the Cowabunga Collection, and SDCC 2022.


A year with more than one 2D TMNT video game release? Now that’s a good year indeed, and it’s where we find ourselves here in 2022. One of those is already in the can of course, and the next up is actually a collection, featuring what’s basically the best Ninja Turtles titles of all time.

Konami and Digital Eclipse are working together for The Cowabunga Collection, a massive set of games from the golden age of TMNT titles. Included are the likes of the original NES, SNES, and Genesis games, plus the arcade editions of Turtles in Time and the very first Arcade Game.

It’s a shell-packed set for sure, and while there’s no release date yet, it’s set to show up big time at SDCC this month. That’s a showing that’ll take place in Konami’s own Turtle Lair Gaming Lounge (at 453 Sixth Ave. in San Diego, inside the Courtyard Marriott), where fans can go hands-on with the Collection.

Along with the game itself, the Lounge will also play host to Konami’s Charles Murakami, Digital Eclipse’s Chris Kohler, and Ninja Turtles co-creator himself, Kevin Eastman. There’ll also be giveaways, for the first 500 people at the Lounge on July 22nd. Fans can pick up “a limited edition black and white print of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles original artwork created by Kevin Eastman and a token for a limited entry signing with Kevin Eastman for Friday, July from 12-2pm”.

And if you’d like to hear the above group chat about the game, then you’re in luck too, since there’ll be a panel presentation. Look for that on the 22nd as well, in room 6BCF at the Con. It kicks off at 3:15pm pacific.

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