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Retro-Bit launches pre-orders for maybe the best Sega Genesis controller ever

The Big6 is a go. Confused? Wondering what that is? Imagine a Sega Genesis controller that uses the original form factor, but with 6 face buttons.

Well that’s awesome

This very well might be a case of something that you never realized you needed til you saw it. But if you’re a Sega Genesis fan, then I’m pretty sure that’s exactly the reaction you’re going to have when you see the Big6.

It’s in little doubt that the revised Genesis pad, the six-button controller, is one of the best control pads of all time. Its six face buttons are a boon to fighting game fans. For me anyway, that layout generally feels just a little better than what’s become the industry-norm, with shoulder buttons.

That’s not to say it’s perfect though, as quite frankly it’s a little too small for its own good. The thing is shaped like a boomerang, and gets a little uncomfortable after a while. Not suffering from that affliction though, is the original Genesis pad. The wide and chunky controller is all kinds of comfy, though only sported 3 buttons. Not great.

Well, as you can see here, Retro-Bit has seen to all of that with a new controller design that you might never have even thought of. The Big6 combines the best aspects of both of the (official) Sega controllers, creating something that looks like it might be the best one yet.

Big6 is available for pre-order now, and in a trio of flavors. There’s a wired console edition, a wired USB edition, and a wireless version that basically does everything.

Featuring 10 foot cables, the first two are set for an October launch. The wireless version isn’t scheduled to arrive til the month after, but that’s still plenty of time for Holiday gifting.

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