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Robosen follows up on ‘Auto-Converting’ Optimus Prime with his trailer (and Roller)

Remember that high-end “Auto-Converting” Optimus Prime from last year? Yes, the one that transformed by itself. Well he’s getting an expansion.


One of the coolest surprises of the last few years really, Robosen Robotics’ auto-converting Optimus Prime was something pretty special. If you somehow didn’t see it, the Transformers ‘toy’ could respond to voice commands, and actually transform. And yes, it did so all by itself.

If you haven’t seen it in action, definitely google that and check it out. It’s a treat to see for Transformers fans. Speaking of treats, if you thought Prime was going to be it for the line, you were most definitely wrong.

While Robosen’s followup isn’t a new Autobot or Decepticon, it’s awesome nonetheless, and completes the classic Prime figure pack. As you probably already saw, it’s Prime’s trailer, complete with Roller.

With a massive 3 feet in length, the trailer transforms just like Prime. It can convert into “Battle Mode”, complete with articulated cannon. Yes, that’s just like the classic toy. The new offering will also include Roller, Prime’s little non-transforming buddy.

Here’s the official rundown:

Backup has arrived, and the Flagship Trailer and Roller Set creates an immersive, interactive experience for owners of the Flagship TRANSFORMERS Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Robot (sold separately). The Trailer auto-converts into battle mode by folding open and pivoting upwards to shield and expose its massive firepower with an integrated articulating sentry blaster.  Stationed inside, Roller awaits your command to explore and engage the enemy, all via app control, along with human sidekick, Spike, who is ready to jump into action or enjoy the ride.  Optimus Prime’s blaster can also be mounted for further firepower and support. Connect your TRANSFORMERS Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Robot with the Trailer and control via app or voice for the most authentic, awe-inspiring Transformers experience.

A simple voice command opens the Trailer’s rear swing doors exposing the automatic lift gate, which Roller can drive up and down, and Optimus Prime can seamlessly tow the Trailer with the integrated fifth wheel coupling that easily attaches while operating in truck mode for a quick and realistic connection. Various battle modes stage Optimus Prime and Trailer in full combat and defensive positions and the Trailer can open while Optimus Prime tows via truck mode, exposing the sentry weapons to fire on the Decepticons during the chase. 

Using their proprietary servo motor technology, the Trailer and Roller Set auto-converts in seconds and as with all Robosen products, the Trailer and Roller set is meticulously designed and crafted with state-of-the-art, high-grade metal alloy parts, combining classic industrial design with the most cutting-edge robotic technology, while providing an ultimate entertaining experience filled with programming, and pure fun. The Trailer and Roller Set package includes a protective storage case with handle for easy transportation, along with the Limited Edition Collectible Pack, which includes: Individual Serialized Number, Autobot Magnetic Car Badge, Metal Challenge Coin, and Sticker Pack!

Robosen press release

Like Optimus Prime himself, the trailer isn’t cheap. This is a high-end piece of consumer robotics, not a toy, and it’s priced as such at $749.99 USD. It’s up for pre-order right now, via both HasbroPulse and Robosen’s online shop.

If you missed out on Prime and would like to grab one of those too, there are a “limited amount” of the figures up on Pulse as well.

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