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The Marvel of 2099 returns in a new Spider-Man series this May

Last seen regularly in the 90s, Marvel 2099 is making its way back into comics shops for its 30th anniversary. And it all starts with an Exodus.

Movement of jah people

What was the last “2099” book you read regularly? It’s been a while no matter what it was, since the imprint hasn’t been active since 1998’s Manifest Destiny capper. We’ve seen some of the characters since then, most notably Spider-Man 2099, but not regularly.

But here we are in the 30th anniversary year for 2099, and the era is coming back with a vengeance. And it all begins again with Spider-Man 2099 and Exodus.

Spider-Man 2099: Exodus is a new series from the publisher, that’s set to seriously build out the world of Marvel’s future. While this is all taking place in a single book, it’s tough to imagine it’ll be staying there since… well since Marvel is cramming a lot into it.

That includes what’s left of Asgard, complete with a new Loki 2099, and a “2099” Winter Soldier. Like many of 2099’s heroes and villains, she’s a completely fresh character playing off of the existing character’s legacy.

2099 returns

After fighting battles across the timestream, Miguel O’Hara is at last back defending his present and the world’s future! For Spider-Man 2099, the only thing constant about life in Nueva York is change. So when a cataclysmic crash creates a new Garden of Eden in what was once the American Wastelands, Spider-Man knows exactly what the next atrocity will be. Watch as the mysterious group known as The Cabal plans to set society ablaze and find out which Marvel villain is leading them in SPIDER-MAN 2099: EXODUS – ALPHA #1

Then in SPIDER-MAN 2099: EXODUS #1, meet the Winter Solider of 2099 aka Winter Soldier 13! It’s not just The Cabal who is hungry to control the Garden. Salvaged from the black market as a child, the Winter Soldier — raised on mad science — is bent on vengeance and rebirth. What power will hse find in the Garden and how will she use it?

Also coming in May, witness Loki 2099 in SPIDER-MAN 2099: EXODUS #2! The Prince of Lies, last survivor of Asgard’s Ragnarok, sponsored by ALCHEMAX’s Aesir program — is now the Prince of Outcasts. While The Cabal preys upon society’s dregs, Loki schemes to resurrect Asgard on his own terms. But when Loki’s involved, can mischief be far behind? What’s the secret of Loki’s last trick, and how does it affect the future of Asgard and Midgard alike?

Marvel Comics press release

Future tense

With the restart in place, it should be interesting to see where this goes. Can we expect to see more 2099 titles? Again, it definitely sounds like it, with seemingly a ton of groundwork being laid down here.

It might not be too long before we’re seeing a Loki and Winter Soldier title. And I can’t help but notice that Ghost Rider 2099 is right there on the cover too. Neo Spirits of Vengeance aside though, the action starts with Spider-Man 2099: Exodus – Alpha #1.

Look for that on the racks on May 4th, 2022. From there, the action rolls fast and heavy, with two more issues hitting that month. That shakes out to look a little something like this:

  • On Sale 5/4
    • SPIDER-MAN 2099: EXODUS – ALPHA #1
    • Written by STEVE ORLANDO 
    • Art by PAUL FRY 
    • Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU
  • On Sale 5/11
    • SPIDER-MAN 2099: EXODUS #1
    • Written by STEVE ORLANDO 
    • Art by DAVE WACHTER 
    • Cover by RYAN STEGMAN
  • On Sale 5/18
    • SPIDER-MAN 2099: EXODUS #2
    • Written by STEVE ORLANDO 
    • Cover by RYAN STEGMAN

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