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Queen Studios’ Durin’s Bane is one massive Balrog bust

Collectible company Queen Studios has two flavors of Balrog bust coming in 2022, and one of them is almost as mighty a monster as the beast itself.

The beast awakens

It was one of the most memorable scenes in the original Lord of the Rings film. And being that we’re talking about a movie that was filled with them, that’s quite a statement. Though you have to keep in mind that we’re talking about the appearance of the Balrog here.

Called Durin’s Bane by the dwarves who were unfortunate to awaken the slumbering beast in the mines of Moria, this massive demon of a long-gone age wreaked havoc in the kingdom. And by the time the Fellowship reached him, he was not in the greatest of moods. That of course, led to the climactic battle between the monster and Gandalf.

Aside from one awesome scene in the film, the Balrog is also one of the most recognizable monsters in the trilogy. And now you can add its terrifying visage to your own collection.

Queen Studios has a pair of Balrog busts ready for 2022. Both are impressive, but one of them is… well you’ll see.

That’s a lotta fire

First up is the Cinta Edition. This mighty collectible can be displayed with the optional base, inspired by Moria’s architecture and with lighted fire effects, or mounted directly on a wall. It’s a nice option to have, thought the base really is something else. I can’t imagine not using it.

The Cinta Edition is priced in at $310 USD and stands in at a commanding 2 feet tall. That’s fully assembled and including the aforementioned base. Limited to just 399 pieces, this one is a pretty great addition to any fantasy or LotR collection. But, that said, it pales in comparison to the Polda Edition.

Polda is essentially the same piece as Cinta… but it’s over 5 feet tall. Again, that’s fully assembled, but good lord that’s massive. And as the Balrog has those horns, you can imagine it’s almost as wide as it is tall, clocking in at 4 feet there. Yep, it’s a monster and a half.

Polka is set to ship in 2022 also, and priced at $1040 USD. If you’re interested in either, hit the links above to check out the details on them. Just be aware, these aren’t available to ship to every region.

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