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Trailer: Solasta’s first big DLC offering, Primal Calling is out now

Featuring a new “ancestry”, two new classes, plenty of updates, and a new quest-line, Solasta: Crown of the Magister’s Primal Calling DLC is out now.

Your Magist… er

Solasta: Crown of the Magister Primal Calling DLC showcases two new playable classes. The first is the Druid that features three subclasses: the Circle of Land, Circle of Kindred Spirit, and Circle of Winds. The second class is the Barbarian with subclasses; the Path of Berserker, Path of Magebane, and Path of Stone. Primal Calling also adds the Half-Orc ancestry and completely original two-hour Wanderer background quest.

Tactical Adventures

Primal Calling is paid DLC, priced in at $9.99 USD. If you don’t have the base game, then you’re in luck right now too, since it’s 50% off, and priced at $19.99 USD for a limited time.

As mentioned too, there are a bunch of fixes and upgrades out too. Those are obviously free for owners of Solasta, and include the following:

This free content update will increase the Level Cap enabling characters to increase power and spells up to level 12 and adds more character personalization including tattoos and scars. More environments have been included to the updated Dungeon Maker including town outdoors and indoors. Finally, a new Dungeon Maker Campaign Creator mode will be available featuring a new Campaign Creator, with custom items, custom monsters, dialogue and banter options, and NPC merchants.

Tactical Adventures

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