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Devil’s Reign continues in February with Daredevil, X-Men, Superior Four and more

Mayor Wilson Fisk’s war against the superheroes of NYC continues in February 2022, with Devil’s Reign and a gaggle of tie-ins.

The devil’s loose

Woe to the heroes of New York in 2022, as Devil’s Reign is set to bring the hurt. Kingpin is taking his personal war hot, and thanks to political connivery and an army of villains at his secret command, there’s no limit to the level of superheroes that he’s targeting.

Spider-Man and Daredevil are on his list to be sure, but so are the likes of Captain America and Thor. From his office, his long-laid plans are all coming to fruition, and no hero is safe. Actually, in a way no villain is either.

Things get rolling with Devil’s Reign #4.

In DEVIL’S REIGN #4, New York is under siege and Wilson Fisk has broken! Whatever shred of decency that may have been left of him is gone entirely and now, with an army of super villains at his command, Kingpin has set his gaze upon everyone the heroes of the Marvel Universe hold dear — but even the Kingpin is unaware of the magnitude of danger he has put the city, its citizens and even himself with his war against the city’s super heroes!

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From the frying pan to the fire

From the actual named book, Marvel has a slew of crossovers planned. Devil’s Reign feels like the biggest ‘street level’ event that Marvel’s ever held, and there’s a reason.

There are a ton of heroes involved in it, and again, there’s no cap on the scale. So you get the Avengers and X-Men in action, right alongside the Elektra and Luke Cage.

The full DR checklist

Here’s what’s on tap for February ’22:

  • Current Spider-Man Ben Reilly will get in on the action in DEVIL’S REIGN: SPIDER-MAN #1 by writer Anthony Piper and artist Zé Carlos. The events of DEVIL’S REIGN have put Spidey in an awful position and as if that weren’t enough, the newly returned Rose has Spidey in his crosshairs and wants to prove that he’s badder than his dad, Kingpin, ever was.
  • Writer Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio’s acclaimed Moon Knight saga will also be impacted by the crossover. DEVIL’S REIGN will find Moon Knight indisposed but his mission must continue. In his absence, an erstwhile ally takes up the fight in MOON KNIGHT #8, but will the mystery of Stained-Glass Scarlet prove to be too much for Hunter’s Moon, the Fist of Khonshu? And come March, MacKay will team up with artist Federico Sabbatini and in a special one-shot, DEVIL’S REIGN: MOON KNIGHT #1, depicting Moon Knight’s time as Kingpin’s prisoner after a vicious battle with the Thunderbolts.
  • DAREDEVIL: WOMAN WITHOUT FEAR #2: Chip Zdarsky continues his redefining work on Elektra alongside artist Rafael De Latorre in DAREDEVIL: WOMAN WITHOUT FEAR #2 which will see Elektra pitted against one of Marvel’s most savage villains. She’s the greatest assassin in the Marvel Universe — but having recently taken up the mantle of Daredevil, she’s taken a vow to never take a life again. But that vow is about to be put to the ultimate test, as Kraven the Hunter has her dead in his sights…and, unlike Elektra, he has no reservations about killing. If anything, he likes it when his prey struggles. At least, he thinks he does.
  • DEVIL’S REIGN: X-MEN #2: Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Phil Noto continue to reveal Emma Frost’s deadliest secrets in DEVIL’S REIGN: X-MEN #2. Turns out attending Hellfire Club soirees was not the naughtiest thing the White Queen was up to in the time before she joined the X-Men… And the dirty deeds she did for Wilson Fisk are coming back to haunt her.
  • DEVIL’S REIGN: SUPERIOR FOUR #2: Otto Octavius irrevocably alters the multiverse in Zac Thompson and Davide Tinto’s DEVIL’S REIGN: SUPERIOR FOUR #2. Now he must do everything he can to undo a paradox of his own creation before it undoes him. As Otto’s relentless assault on reality continues, the other Ottos grow weary of their reckless leader. Can the Superior Four set aside their egos to work together, or will they be lost to the multiverse forever?
  • DEVIL’S REIGN: VILLAINS FOR HIRE #2: Kingpin’s war against vigilantes takes a turn in Clay McLeod Chapman and artist Manuel Garcia’s DEVIL’S REIGN: VILLAINS FOR HIRE #2. Wilson Fisk has laid out a proposition for the villains of the Marvel Universe: Join him or suffer the same fate as the heroes…or worse.
  • LUKE CAGE: CITY OF FIRE #3: It’s a fight for the very soul of the city in Ho Che Anderson and Sean Damien Hill’s LUKE CAGE: CITY OF FIRE #3. As the city burns, the Regulators set their sights on an innocent child who’s unwittingly holding critical information. Luke Cage races to get to the girl first, which brings him face to face with Jo Rockhead, the lethal leader of the Regulators who has the power to turn people to stone. But when Luke finds out he and Rockhead have something in common, will his resolve waver?

Check out gallery below for a taste of what’s to come, in the form of a selection of covers from the event.

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