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Get a complete look at the various aspects of Metroid Dread in new video

Nintendo is going deep into planet ZDR, the location of this fall’s Metroid Dread for the Switch. Get a look at the just released info and overview.

Not Dreading this one

Finalyl, at long last, Dread is coming. Once hotly anticipated, then cancelled, and now resurrected for the Nintendo Switch, Metroid Dread is almost here and hits stores next month.

But before we get to that point, Nintendo has a handy little “overview” trailer for you to check out, and some fresh info. The video is aimed at gamers who’ve never had hands-on time with a Metroid title.

You might chuckle at that, but when was the last time a major entry in the series was released for home console? Other M released in 2010, and Metroid Prime 3 was launched in 2007. So it’s been a while no matter how you slice it.

The trailer digs into the weaponry Samus Aran will wield in her struggle for survival, the enemies that she’ll face (including the EMMI robots), and the planet itself. ZDR is apparently the centerpiece of Dread

Also, as a little hint at what’s to come, the publisher included this little beauty in the press release, make of it what you will:

What secret truths hide within planet ZDR? Beyond the mission, beyond the dread, what true terror lies in wait?


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