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Inferno #4 officially brings Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men run to a close

It’s all coming down to December’s Inferno #4, as the final issue of the mini-series will close out Jonathan Hickman’s re-defining run on Marvel’s X-Men.

The dream will live on

However you feel about Hickman’s very unique take on Marvel’s X-Men, you have to admit that the writer has re-defined the superhero team in a big way. Is it permanent? Well, that’s yet to be known, but we might have some hints sooner than later, as the Inferno event kicks off this month.

If you don’t know, then the X-Men have been through a lot over the last few years. For one thing, there’s now another mutant ‘homeland’ with the living island of Krakoa. And for another, death is pretty much not an issue for anyone who lives there because of a powerhouse group of mutants who more or less can produce a clone of everyone if they die.

There are a ton of other factors as well. And all of them have worked together to make this new generation of X-Men comics very very different than anything that’s come before. As a longtime fan, it basically feels like another property, but I won’t get off on a tangent.

Cover by Jerome Opena

The point today is that Inferno, the event that’s just kicking off, is gonna be a biggie. Inferno is set to close out Hickman’s run, and that might mean the beginning of something new. Again.

Since the groundbreaking 2019 series House of X and Powers of X, Hickman has reshaped the X-Men franchise and ushered in one of its boldest eras yet. The foundation Hickman built will live on but INFERNO will deliver much anticipated resolutions to some of Krakoa’s long-running plotlines including Mystique’s heartbreaking quest to be reunited with Destiny. And fans can also expect more revelations from the past lives of Moira MacTaggert all while the unstoppable threat Nimrod finally makes his move. 

Marvel Comics

Inferno #4 hits the stands on December 29th, but don’t forget that first issue, which arrives this month. Look for it in stores today.

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