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Trailer: DoubleThink delays bullet hell shooter Good Knight

Think you have a mental picture of what a completely insane bullet hell shooter looks like? You don’t. It’s been delayed, but get a load of Good Knight.

Good… night

Good Knight is based in Filipino mythology, which is rich with some pretty incredible imagery that doesn’t get all that much play in pop culture. So it’s particularly cool to see it dug into for this title.

For up to 4 players, and described as “butt clenching”, there is a ridiculous amount of stuff happening on the screen. I think I might be having a stroke just looking at it, but I can’t say I’m not intrigued. While we haven’t seen much about Good Knight, it does look pretty incredible. And it also features a level-editor, which… has that ever even been done before in a game like this? Don’t think so.

In any event, there’s no new release date for Good Knight just yet, though originally it was supposed to arrive on Steam today. We’ll let you know when something more comes along.

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