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Trailer: Recompile hacks into consoles and PC today

Out right now is Phigames and Dear Villagers’ terrific looking, hack-happy 3D platformer. Check out Recompile’s gorgeous digital wasteland.


Recompile features stunning visuals, intense combat, tight 3D platforming, and an environmental logic-based hacking mechanic. World obstacles include intelligent enemies and intricate environmental circuitry, and both require the mastery of new abilities such as time dilation and jetpack flight.

The game has multiple endings based on the player’s actions; they can repair systems, restore lost data, hack or destroy enemies, all whilst uncovering the truth about the Hypervisor and the original purpose of the Mainframe.

The story, written by narrative designer Faye Simms, explores themes like machine sentience and the nature of choice. The player is a rogue piece of semi-sentient code, trapped in the Mainframe – a sprawling digital wasteland run by the Hypervisor; a homicidal AI dead-set on deleting trespassers.

Featuring multiple endings based on the players choices, and a story from Faye Simms that delves into “machine sentience and the nature of choice”, Recompile is a game to watch.

It’s also out now on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. And, even better, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you’re good to go. The game is has been added to the service.

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