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Retro-future tactical RPG Encased coming this fall

It’s 1976, and the world as you knew it has ended. Encased brings a retro-future vibe to it’s post-apocalypse, when it arrives this fall.

Getting encased

Well this one wasn’t anywhere near my radar, but it’s looking pretty cool nonetheless. Encased comes from Prime Matter and Dark Crystal Games, and envisions an alternate timeline from our own. It’s one where our civilization effectively came to an end in 1976.

That seems to include all the trappings that you’d expect too. Most of the world looks to be small settlements slapped together from junk, but then there’s also The Dome.

The Dome is an ultra-high-tech “artifact” that’s discovered, and one that could turn the fate of humanity. You play as someone who’s amongst the first people picked to go inside and explore this anomaly, but it’s not going to be a cakewalk. Apparently, The Dome is loaded with some not-so-great stuff.

The game’s action will play out in turn-based style, with RPG elements along for the ride. Your choices will matter too, and spell how the world will change in the wake of your exploration of The Dome.

Players will get to customize their characters, choosing from among 5 “disciplines” that will include science, engineering, security, management, or… convict. I’m not sure how much discipline plays into that last one. Your quest will see the addition of other party members as well. Along the way, you’ll meet “Yoko, a robot child on the path of self-discovery and self-identification; Sparrow, a mysterious fighter for justice, and other unconventional heroes”.

Encased is actually out right now in Early Access form, via either Steam, GOG, and Epic. Act One is fully playable, along with part of Act Two. As for the rest, that’ll be along some time this fall, when the game is expected to hit full retail.

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