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Logan’s Pokémon Card is a “Million-Dollar Card, Baby”

Logan Paul, the Youtuber/Wannabe-boxer/ Pokémon dealer, stepped into the boxing ring once again last night in an 8-round bout with the great Floyd Mayweather.

With the fight itself drawing the curiosity of both the Youtube and sports industry to watch this unlikely pairing throw hands for 8 rounds, the real star of this fight was the Charizard Pokémon card Logan has swinging around his neck.

Logan Paul’s collection

Million Dollar Shiny!

The Pokémon Charizard card the YouTuber entered the ring with was worth the price of pay-per-view in its own right, a first edition mint-condition 10-grade Charizard.

Purely because of its condition and edition, this Charizard iteration was already pretty valuable, however, that value was increased even more due to Mayweather publicity.

Logan Paul Pokémon Collection

The fight in its own right was pretty boring, or maybe that’s just me. However, the moment that Pokémon card popped up, I was in for the ride.

With only a handful of these cards available, it’s very easy to see why this particular card is in such high demand – so wearing it around your neck like a gaming medal definitely increased its value.

Logan Paul hasn’t exactly been shy about his expensive pass time, as he has made countless Youtube videos bragging about his high-price tag purchases.

Even if the average Pokemon fan accumulated cards over time, you’ll have to ensure that you have a hefty collection to even come close to raking anything close to 1 million dollars – paired with a big disposable income to fund your habit.

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