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Sega’s Astro City Mini Console hits UK pre-order at Funstock

Continuing the western push for the Astro City Mini, Funstock will be offering the unit for sale in the UK, and has it ready for pre-order now.

Go west

Just in case you’re unfamiliar, the Astro City Mini Console has had a little bit of an interesting ride. A 1/6th reproduction of the 90s arcade original, the unit first appeared in Japan, and seemed like it was going to be exclusive to that territory.

Fast forward a little over a year (I think) though, and here we are with the tiny arcade landing for pre-order from select retailers in western markets. The latest of those is the UK’s Funstock, who actually has the console ready for those who’d like to secure one right now. No hoops to jump through.

Cast in resin, which is interesting in and of itself, the Astro City Mini Console features a joystick and 6 buttons, as well as built-in speakers and a 4″ screen. The little guy can also connect to a TV, and has optional (sold separately) gamepads.

It’s also pretty loaded, with 37 Sega classics.

  1. Virtua Fighter
  2. Space Harrier
  3. Rad Mobile
  4. Fantasy Zone
  5. Altered Beast
  6. Golden Axe
  7. Golden Axe – The Revenge Of Death Adder
  8. Alien Syndrome
  9. Alien Storm
  10. Wonder Boy
  11. Wonder Boy In Monster Land
  12. Wonder Boy III Monster Lair
  13. Shinobi
  14. Shadow Dancer
  15. Cyber Police Eswat
  16. Crack Down
  17. Gain Ground
  18. Quartet 2
  19. Puyo Puyo
  20. Puyo Puyo 2
  21. Columns
  22. Columns II
  23. Stack Columns
  24. Bonanza Bros.
  25. Tant-R
  26. Ichidant-R
  27. Thunder Force AC
  28. Sonic Boom
  29. Dottori Kun
  30. Flicky
  31. Sega Ninja
  32. My Hero
  33. Arabian Fight
  34. Dark Edge
  35. Cotton
  36. “Alex Kidd with Stella The Lost Stars”
  37. Scramble Spirits

In the UK and ready to pre-order? Then click here and head to Funstock’s page for the Astro City. The console launches on May 28th.

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