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The next clone saga begins in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #25

There’s another Spider-Man-centric clone saga on the horizon, but this one isn’t targeting Peter. Nope, this time it’s Miles who’s in for some multiplicity.

It’s back

Maybe one of the most derided Marvel Comics story arcs of all time, the 90s Spider-Man ‘clone saga’ isn’t what I’d call a ‘fan favorite’. Still, that didn’t stop Marvel from heading right back to that same theme, for an all-new clone saga with Miles Morales.

To be fair, while the theme is the same, that’s pretty much all that is. You won’t find the Jackal here, and of course all of the other characters and settings are different too. This is a Miles Morales story, not a Peter Parker one.

This new storyline promises to mess up Miles’ life even more than Peter Parker’s Clone Saga messed up his! The young hero’s world will be turned upside down when he comes face-to-face with three distinct Miles clones, each expertly designed by Carnero. The result of the Assessor’s sinister meddling, these clone creations will spread havoc throughout Brooklyn and Miles is the only hero who can shut them down. Get your first look at this all-new trio of deadly doppelgangers in the MILES MORALES “CLONE SAGA” TRAILER, featuring never-before-seen artwork.

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Featuring the talents of writer Saladin Ahmed and newcomer-artist Carmen Carnero, the all-new Clone Saga will begin in April 28th’s Miles Morales: Spider-Man #25.

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