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Shing! bringing side-scrolling action to PS4 and PC this month

Grab your mask (shouldn’t be too hard) and sharpen your blade, Shing! will be slicing and dicing its way onto the PC and PS4 on August 28th.


We told you about Shing! not too long ago. It’s the side-scrolling, ninja-themed beat ’em up that’s aiming to bring the genre into the 21st century. If you saw the previous developer diary, then you know what that means. But if not, basically, Shing! is packing some new gameplay to an old genre.

Indie studio Mass Creation is injecting the familiar formula with combos aplenty. Add to that a control scheme that sounds radically different for a game like this, and you have a title to watch.

Shing! delivers a classic co-op beat ’em up adventure true to what fans love about the genre while adding a few twists of its own. Pull off angled combos, counters, aerials, parries and more in fast-paced, freestyle combat with unique controls built around the right analog stick. Your band of wisecracking ninja warriors each have their own strengths, and you can swap between them in an instant to chain attacks, revive allies, or strategically bank power-ups for upcoming bosses or challenge rooms.

Mass Creation

Ready to draw swords? Shing! is scheduled to appear on the PS4 and the PC on August 28th.

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