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Does Robin live or die in Batman: Death in the Family animated film?

Just like in decades past, you make the call. Fans will be able to interact and choose if Jason Todd lives in the new Batman: Death in the Family movie.

There’s been a death… maybe

Bat-fans know this well, but just in case you don’t, then you should know that this particular choice is nothing new. Back in the 80s, Jason Todd was the second Robin, and not all that popular with fans.

As a result, along came a polling gimmick from DC, where fans could actually choose whether Todd lived or died in a storyline with the Joker. That, of course, became Death in the Family. Death is one of the most famed Batman arcs even today, so the gimmick paid off big time. And now they’re doing it again.

DC has announced that the upcoming Batman: Death in the Family animate movie will have the same opportunity for fans. Well, in a way it will. The Blu Ray itself will be interactive.

Viewers/players will be able to choose the course of the action at several junctures. So you should be able to seriously change the course of events as the storyline branches, and things get interesting.

In addition to the main movie, Batman: Death in the Family also includes a 4 pack of additional shorts. These originally shipped with other DC animated fare, but are doubled up on here. Kind of neat if you missed any/all of them. Expect to see Sgt Rock, The Sandman and Death, Adam Strange, and The Phantom Stranger all included here.

Ready for some DCU action? The movie is available now on Blu Ray and digital format. Read more on the official website.

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