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Wastelanders update arrives for Fallout 76

Looks like Fallout 76 is set to become a heck of a lot more like you’d expect a Fallout game to be with Wastelanders, the new free DLC hitting today.

The Wasteland is alive

I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that one of the biggest disappointments with 2018’s Fallout 76 was that it was a little too dead. The game was (and is still) very much focused on online play. For some reason that meant that the usually teaming world of Fallout games was left devoid of non-player characters.

There was seemingly no particular reason for that, but that was the design choice. Basically the whole game was player v player. That was at the time though, and shortly after launch fans were told that 76 would be getting a slew of downloadable content to work in more of what they were asking for. That included making it into a more traditional Fallout world.

Now here we are in 2020, and it looks like the most request improvement is finally coming to pass. As of today, the Wasteland is alive.

That’s right, raiders, settlers, new kinds of beasts and a fresh delivery of weapons and armor is all here for Fallout 76. The best part of course, is that it’s all free, and that goes for all three versions of the game. Or actually, maybe make that all four versions.

Not only can you now pick up Fallout 76 for the PS4, Xbox One and Bethesda launcher on PC, but the game has come to Steam. So check off one more box on the list, if you’re a PC gamer.

Here’s what’s all-new and now available in Fallout 76:

  • Allies – Special types of human NPCs that will bring more life to player C.A.M.P.s and offer activities to take part in daily
  • Reputation System – Returning from previous Fallout titles is the inclusion of a reputation system, giving each choice you make more weight. The more players do to help a faction by offering information, taking down their enemies, and completing quests, the more their reputation with that faction will increase
  • New Events – Wastelanders will add two new events to Fallout 76 in Riding Shotgun and Radiation Rumble. Whether you’re playing caravan protector or fending off onslaughts of irradiated creatures, these new events bring new, unique challenges to Appalachia
  • Bug Fixes – Wastelanders will include new content and bug fixes along with a variety of quality-of-life improvements

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