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Batman: Three Jokers finally dated, hitting in June

Finally, at long last, one of the most interesting story threads from DC Comics’ Rebirth is getting tackled. Three Jokers hits stores in June.

The last laugh

For those who don’t know, DC Comics has left a loose end very much open for a while now. That of course, is that there are three Jokers. At least, there are according to a revelation that Batman was given when he possessed the New Gods’ Mobius Chair.

The Chair is usually the tool of the New God called Metron, and grants the user great knowledge. Before Batman vacated it, he asked a very pointed question. Basically, he wanted to know who Joker actually is. Despite some DC stories, that’s something that’s never been revealed as a part of actual DCU canon.

Again though, that thread was left dangling by DC, who seemed to completely forget about it afterwards. Now though, they’ve finally gotten back around to it. Sort of.

The new mini-series is set to be under the Black Label banner. That designation usually means that it’s non-canon, though it would seem like it should be since, again, the lead-in was very much in-universe.

While all of that is still a mystery, we do know some facts at this point. Chiefly, we know that the book is set to debut on June 17th. The Geoff Johns-written book will also be a ‘mature’ one, aged for readers 17 and over. It will run for 3 issues total and be presented in a deluxe 48 page format.

Jason Fabok will be handling the art chores too, on both covers and the interiors, which will have colors from Brad Anderson. While there isn’t a ton of story info yet, we do have a preview of the first issue, straight from DC. Click here to check it out.

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