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Samurai Showdown making its way to the Switch

The reboot of SNK’s classic fighting game Samurai Showdown will be drawing swords on the Switch in early 2020.

A new battlefield

It was only earlier this year that Samurai Showdown made its triumphant return to gaming. A legendary fighting game series from publisher SNK, Samurai Showdown went back to its roots in 2019 for a 2D fighter that starred fan favorites like Haohmaru, Rimururu, and Galford

At the time anyway, the game only appeared on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. That’s definitelychanged though, as SNK says the game will land on Nintendo’s platform in early 2020.

More over, if you pre-order a copy on Switch, you’ll get a neat little surprise to go with it. SNK will include a copy of Samurai Showdown II from the Neo Geo Pocket with every pre-order. There’s a version that I’m sure not too many people played.

Have a look at both in action:

Quite the reinvention, as Samurai Showdown looks to keep all of what made the series a fan favorite, while updating it to modern sensibilities.

All told, the game will include 13 returning fighters, plus an additional 3 that’ve never been seen before that were originally DLC. Included in there is Hisame Shizumaru too, who is actually from the third game in the original set.

So if you’re a long time fan and have yet to check out the new Showdown, you might want to grab a copy on Switch. Unfortunately there’s still no firm date for it, but we’ll keep you updated.

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