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Super7 reveals Thundercats line, starts off with re-issues

The wait has ended. Toy-maker Super7 has finally made its continuation of Thundercats Classic official, and it’ll kick off with a series of re-issues.

They’re loose

If you’re a Thundercats fan, then you definitely remember Mattel’s Thundercats Classic series from a few years back.

The subscription-only line was more or less a ‘Cats version of Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics. Featuring highly detailed sculpts, extra parts and loads of accessories, Thundercats Classics focused on the original looks of these iconic heroes and villains.

That initial series included Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, Panthro, Pumiyra, and Jackalman. There was also a Wily-Kit/Wily-Kat 2 pack as an exclusive. But that was it. A whole universe of characters was left on the cutting room floor. As cool as wave 1 was, and it was, the line died there.

Cue Super7 though, and there’s fresh news to report. Now in 2019, the smaller company has picked up the rights to the Cats, and will be producing a continuation of the Classics line, in the same way that it did for Masters.

Ultimate Thunder

Much like with Masters, the first wave will be an “Ultimate” series. What that means is that you’ll get much of the same wave that appeared already from Mattel, but in a more accessory-laden form.

The figures will all be the same sculpts as before, but will basically come with more stuff. Each figure will run you $45 USD, and there is no “subscription” of any kind. Unlike with the defunct MattyCollector, Super7 does a simple pre-order phase. They don’t force collector’s to buy entire waves of figures. So if you just want Lion-O, that’s fine.

Also, if you would rather buy from an outlet like our friends at Entertainment Earth, you can do that too. The figures are posted for pre-order there (Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, Panthro, and Jackalman), as well as other online retailers.

The only issue right now is that there doesn’t seem to be an official release date yet from Super7, as there’s nothing on the site. The aforementioned Entertainment Earth mentions June of 2020, but it’s unclear if that’s 100% accurate. Either way, you can definitely order up and secure yours if you’ve been waiting.

Here’s the link to grab some of these figures for yourself, straight from Super7.

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