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Pre-orders open for Arcade1Up’s Marvel Super Heroes cabinet

Shown off at E3, and again at SDCC this past week, Arcade1Up’s Marvel Super Heroes arcade cabinet is officially ready for pre-orders.

Arcade1Up heroics

Arcade1Up is, more or less, the only company out there making “real” arcade cabinets for your home. Coming in at 3/4 scale to an actual arcade unit, the 1Up cabs are extremely accurate to the originals, usually down to the art on the sides.

The company, in its second year of production, has improved on their design a bit too. Each cab now comes with a “deck protector” and overlay of plastic that you can add to the control area. That was perhaps their one weakness, since the graphics tended to rub off with extended use on the first wave of standup.

I don’t know whether the Marvel Super Heroes cabinet is officially still a part of wave 2, or the start of wave 3, but either way, it’s looking great. Included is the title game, Capcom’s Marvel Super Heroes, and also two more.

Fans get X-Men: Children of the Atom and the long-lost The Punisher arcade game too. Housing these three titles will be the usual design from Arcade1Up. That includes a 17″ screen, stereo sound setup, and arcade type control setup, complete with sticks.

The base version of the cab will be hitting retail, but a special limited edition is available right now to pre-order. There will be 8000 of these made to coincide with Marvel Comics 80th anniversary. So while there won’t be a super-small amount of them, they’re not exactly unlimited either.

Arcade1Up’sCapcom’s Marvel Super Heroes Home Arcade Game (Limited Edition) features exclusive artwork, a light-up marquee, included 12” riser and Sanwa buttons and joysticks. There are only 8,000 cabinets available, so get it today only through Arcade1Up.com for $399.

Arcade1Up press release

The Marvel Super Heroes cabinet is set to launch some time this fall, joining Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Marvel cab will run you $399.99 USD, and you can pre-order here.

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