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Marvel’s Acts of Evil to wrap this September

Marvel Comics’ Annual-centric event Acts of Evil will conclude this September with another series of hero/villain mismatches.

Acting out

As Marvel Comics events go, this one is kind of refreshing. It’s not anchored to a central book that you “have to” buy into, and it’s not featured across dozens of titles, that would equal up to hundreds of dollars to read all of.

Instead Acts of Evil plays directly off of 80s event Acts of Vengeance. These tales are told in Marvel’s slate of giant-sized Annuals. Meaning there will be a few per month, starting in July. That’ll run through September, with the final issues including Wolverine, Moon Knight, and Ghost-Spider.

As with the first issues that we’ve already told you about, these will have the same themes. Get ready for round three of some wonky hero and villain matches.

Ghost-Spider: Gwen Stacy scrambles through Arcade’s Murderworld, facing a tower of terror as she takes on some of the deadliest Marvel villains! Then, Moon Knight’s up to bat against Avengers menace Kang the Conqueror! And Khonshu’s avatar must find a way to fix the time stream before Kang fulfills an ancient grudge! Finally, it’s berserker strength vs. magical mayhem, as Wolverine takes on sorceress Morgan le Fay…in 1930s Hollywood!

Marvel Comics press release
    • Written by VITA AYALA
    • Art by PERE PEREZ
    • Cover by EMA LUPACCHINO
    • Written by CULLEN BUNN
    • Cover by PHILIP TAN
    • Written by JODY HOUSER
    • Cover by DAVID YARDIN

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