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Schwarzenegger-centric Conan Exiles content coming

He’s (sort of) back! Conan Exiles has a fresh batch of DLC coming, and Funcom says it harkens back to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic take.

To see them driven before you

As versions of Conan the Barbarian go, Arnold’s movies weren’t the most authentic of things. They were pretty fun though, there’s no denying that, which is probably why there’s a King Conan flick on the drawing boards. And it’s also probably why there’s a new downloadable content pack for Conan Exiles that pays homage to those action classics.

The Riddle of Steel is a part of Exiles one year anniversary, and will bring mainly decorative items to the open-world survival title. While that might not be overwhelming, remember that this is entirely optional, and pretty much for super-fans who want a little more Ah-nold in their Hyborian adventures.

The Riddle of Steel

  • 18 Statues and figurines of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan.
  • 5 iconic helmets from the movie, of characters such as Thulsa Doom and Rexor.
  • 5 unique placeables from the movie, such as King Conan’s Lion Throne.
  • 6 statues and figurines of Valeria from the movie Conan the Barbarian.
  • 6 statues and figurines of Subotai the Hyrkanian archer.
  • 3 decorative warpaints from the movie.

In addition to that, there’s another pack with some way cooler content coming as well – and this one is free. It celebrates that 1 year birthday I mentioned.

Anniversary-update (free update)

  • New dungeon: The Sunken City.
  • New dungeon: Sepermeru Silver Mine.
  • New feat: Witch Doctor, allowing you to summon undeads.
  • Total revamp of several locations, with new enemies and additional bosses.
  • New items, both lootable and craftable.
  • Tons of UI fixes and balance passes.

Riddle of Steel will be available on the PC later this week, and will run you $6.99 USD. Console editions are coming up as well, though there’s no date as of yet for those.

There’s also a free Steam (long) weekend coming, which you’ll want to get in on if you want to try Exiles out. That kicks off today, and is set to run through the 12th.

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