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The Sinking City’s release date sinks a month back

Lovecraft-infused horror title The Sinking City has had its release date nudged back a little over a month. The reason is pretty refreshing.

Sinking back

Looking great since its reveal, BigBen and developer Frogwares’ The Sinking City is still on track for launch in the near future. The thing is, it’s getting a bump back of a little over a month.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, here come the cookie-cutter excuses. But guess what? The usual ‘needs more work’ line isn’t being employed here. In a refreshing move, Frogwares is simply pointing to the time frame itself.

Now, you might be wondering what games Sergey is referring to. Well, May isn’t what I’d call packed, though there are a few titles that are hitting in and around the month. And there is one potentially big game landing just a week before The Sinking City’s original release date. That of course, is Bethesda’s Rage 2.

As pumped as I am for The Sinking City, and I actually am, I’m definitely picking up Rage 2 as well. So this reasoning impacts me exactly as Frogwares is hoping in that (as a gamer) I’m pleased with the move. This way, I’ll get to play both Rage 2 and The Sinking City within their launch windows.

If you’re solely looking forward to Frogwares’ Cthulhu action/mystery, it might be a bit of a bummer. But honestly it’s not all that much of a delay. Instead of May 21st, The Sinking City will land on consoles and the PC on June 27th.

Perfect to give fans something to dig into for the kinda empty July timeframe.

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