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Be a wasteland superhero in Rage 2

Bethesda and iD are taking the new super powers in Rage 2 and running with them. Catch the over the top action in the fresh trailer.


If you don’t know, the Rage formula is about to be shaken up in a very big way. Rage 2, hitting in May, carries over many of the same themes from the original. It’s still a post-apocalyptic action FPS in the mold of the classic Mad Max films. But now it’s something else too.

Rage 2 not only allows gamers to take the fight to the baddies with guns, blades, and glaives, but also super powers. And that makes main character Ranger Walker a bit of a wasteland superhero.

In the game, Walker is infused with something called nanotrite abilities. These are basically high-tech, artificially created powers and abilities that make him or her (you can choose) a comic book hero. And as you can see in the above, they’re mighty effective.

Bethesda is touting the game’s power offerings to be used in conjunction with Rage 2’s impressive armory. In that way, you can forge lethal combos, carving up the nefarious mutant forces of the General Cross’ organization, The Authority.

Rage 2 is almost here too, landing on consoles and the PC on May 14th.

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