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Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove lands today

Genesis classic Toejam & Earl is back. The alien due return to consoles and the PC today in a whole new adventure.

Grooving again

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the funky duo of Toejam and Earl. Actually, this particular game actually started life as a Kickstarter back in 2015 too. So it’s been a long time coming in and of itself. As of this week though, it’s finally here and once again dancing across the Earth, looking for a way home.

Fans can expect to see a whole bunch of their favorite buddies and baddies returning from the 16bit titles. And yes, according tot he developer, that includes the Crazed Dentist. They’ll join newcomers like the Texting Person and Internet Troll. All will get in your face as you try and collect parts to T&E’s space ship.

As you might be able to tell there, Back in the Groove did make one pretty big change from the original games. This new title is a rouge-like. If you’re anything like me, you just cringed a little at the complete lack of level design that that promises, but maybe don’t.

The same, but different

Given what T&Es levels actually look like, and have looked like traditionally, transitioning to a rouge-like might not be a bad deal. Actually, it might be a very good thing, adding replayability to the title.

“Our fans have waited a long time for a true sequel to the original Toejam & Earl game,” said Greg Johnson, founder of HumaNature Studios. “We’ve taken elements from Panic on Funkotron as well, and updated it all with fresh graphics, great funkadelic music, and an absolute ton of new features that emphasize replayability and multiplayer fun. I couldn’t be happier with how this game has turned out. I’m hoping our fans will feel like it’s just what they’ve been waiting for!”

HumaNature press release

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