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Two new Xboxes and Halo Infinite to show at E3?

Microsoft could have a very big E3 planned if you believe the rumors. Two versions of “Scarlet” could be there, along with Halo Infinite.

Infinitely exciting

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Halo game. And honestly, the last one was a little lacking in the enthusiasm department, seemingly even with fans. Distance does make the heart grow fonder though, and it sure feels like Halo Infinite is going to be a monster of a launch.

So it’s pretty exciting then, that we could see it at E3 this year. Not that it’d be strange, since it was announced a while ago, but exciting nonetheless. Know what’s even more exciting? That it could be accompanied by the next generation of Xbox hardware. Well, two next generation units to be exact.

Website IGN is reporting that that could be the case, if a French video game website is to be believed. Going deeper into the rumor mill, that same site also says that Scarlet (that’s the code name) will come in two flavors.


The first is “Lockhart”, which will be less powerful than “Anaconda”, the top of the line unit. So pretty much the way the current generation is ending, just from the beginning. It also reminds me of the original Xbox 360 launch a little, with the “Arcade” console hitting along with the standard system. Bottom line- Microsoft has done this kind of stuff before. Often even.

Reportedly also, Halo Infinite will launch on both the new-gen (whatever it’ll eventually be called) Xbox and the Xbox One. That makes sense too, though I’d have loved to have seen Infinite be a Scarlet exclusive. It makes more sense to me, if you’re trying to get fans to buy into the new experience.

Whatever happens, we don’t have long till we find out for sure. E3 2019 is only a few months away.

Source: IGN

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