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Toy Fair 2019: Loyal Subjects highlights

The Loyal Subjects returned to Toy Fair with a cool slate of offerings that includes Masters of the Universe, Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones and more.

Much like Funko, The Loyal Subjects has managed to accrue an impressive slate of licenses. Also like Funko, they use those licenses to create vinyl collectibles. Unlike Funko, The Loyal Subjects’ figures are actually posable. They usually come with some accessories too, and can actually feel more like action figures than “collectible” vinyls.

This Toy Fair saw the promotion of a few new licenses for the company, as well as a big return that’s been waiting a while in the wings. Of course, I’m’ talking about Masters of the Universe.


Masters of the Universe’s second series is a big one in more ways than one. Yes, it includes more fan favorite heroes and villains, but it also comes stocked with larger sized figures and a pair of beasts.

Yep, both Panthor and Battle Cat are finally here. But they’re not the only new elements for TLS. This wave of Masters also has variant figures, and clear boxes so you can actually see which figures you’re buying.

Up to now, Loyal Subjects’ figures have been blind boxed. As you might imagine, this move is an extremely welcome one from a collector’s point of view.


We saw a little of this new license at the last show, but now the Ghostbusters were being shown off in full force. Including the original four ‘Busters, the wave also includes Jeanine, Slimer (with food cart), a assortment of ghosts, and even Stay Puft himself.

Game of Thrones

Another fantasy property for The Loyal Subjects, Game of Thrones is about to return to TV for its final season. The show has never been hotter, and so it’s probably some excellent timing with this first wave of collector vinyls.

Aliens and Predator

No, NECA isn’t the only company out there with both Aliens and Predator licenses. And these little guys are looking awesome. Featuring mainly Aliens and Predators in each collection, there’s also a lil’ Ellen Ripley to be had.

No mention of Dutch yet, but we can hope.

Hot Wheels and WWE

The rest of what was in the booth at Toy Fair was just as cool as the above. In particular, the Hot Wheels license looks slick. And that’s coming from someone who’s not a fan of them in any way.

I have to say though, that I was pretty disappointed by the WWE showing. I don’t know if The Loyal Subjects is continuing that line, but the lack of legacy characters was super lacking in the display.

There was Undertaker and Macho Man, and that was it. If TLS launched a ‘legends’ only series I’d be all over it. I’d even pick up that ring. Just a suggestion.

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