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Punisher and Jessica Jones canned by Netflix

The circuit is complete, Netflix has now canceled all of its Marvel Comics-branded shows with the discontinuation of Jessica Jones and Punisher.

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Having just come off of a pretty well-received season, you would normally assume that The Punisher would be returning for a third outing. That however, is not to be, since Netflix is very much intent on ridding itself totally of Marvel Comics programming.

The answer to ‘why’ is something of a mystery, though you can probably guess. If you don’t know, parent company Disney opening up its own streaming service that will effectively compete with Netflix. So the latter company isn’t too fond of the former at the moment. And since Marvel and its TV shows are all owned by Disney, it’s not hard to fill in the blanks.

What’s kind of interesting though, is that Disney apparently has no interest whatsoever in picking up these shows. On one hand that makes sense. All the Marvel stuff for Netflix is more mature than pretty much everything else that’ll be airing on Disney+. One the other hand though, they’re all fairly popular, especially Daredevil. So not doing anything with these properties makes little sense.

There’s a rumor that Hulu will be entering the discussion some time soon, but as far as I know that’s still not based on anything solid. And whatever happens, The Punisher is most likely done for good unless the main role is recast. Star Jon Bernthal has been cast in a Sopranos prequel series for HBO. So it’s unlikely he’ll be pulling double duty.

As for Jessica Jones, you can still expect to see the already filmed third season. Netflix just decided to make the cancellation official beforehand.

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